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Red-Handed Jill
24 April
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My name is Jill and I live on the shores of the Bay of Saint Francis. I'm a pirate, wild west and mountain man reenactor - I sail, own and shoot black powder armaments and am trained in edged weapons fighting (a hobby since 1979.) I can throw axes pretty accurately. I've been a teacher or trainer of one sort or another since 1977 and a professional computer geek since 1984. Right now I'm joining the two vocations as a software trainer/tech writer/product manager. I used to dive in enclosed tanks with sharks (large sharks and not in a cage.) When I'm not working or reenacting, I'm a musician with the Bloody Scupper Plunder Club. I fix things. And scare small children whenever possible.

My better half's name is Jack (Jack and Jill are our real names...) He's a pirate too.